Upcoming reading!

And now for something completely different.

We’re used to poetry readings being hosted in cafes, on university campuses, at libraries, even at bars and galleries, but not so much at houses of worship.

However, I will be reading at University Synagogue, at Michelson and Harvard in Irvine, CA on January 9th at 8 PM, alongside poet Judy Kronenfeld, author of several books of poetry, including Light Lowering in Diminished Sevenths (Antrim House, 2012) and Shimmer (WordTech, 2012), among others.

The service will precede the readings and will be part of the experience, as will a performance by the University Synagogue choir, in which I am also a member!

Here’s one of the poems I will probably be reading that evening



New Publication!

I just found out I won a contest–Painted Bride Quarterly’s Sidecar 35.

It’s particularly nice because I won their Sidecar contest in October as well. The prize is the appearance of the poem for a month on their website.

It’s up there now, at http://pbq.drexel.edu/

Go have a look!

New Publication on Broadsided

As a poet, I enjoy responding to prompts, and most of all, to works of art, generally in genres other than poetry. In fact, I have written an entire manuscript of ekphrastic poems and collaborations with visual (and one verbal) artists, called Together.

I’ve been looking for a publisher for this collection since I completed it last year. But since then, I have continued to write an occasional ekphrastic poem.

Here is one I wrote in response to a submissions call on Broadsided, a publication that, as its name suggests, publishes broadsides on topical issues. This is my second such publication for the publication.